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The Daily Student, the student newspaper at Indiana University, Bloomington, ran a story about the founding of Kappa Alpha Psi. It emphasized the exclusion of African American students on the campus from social events and noted how Kappa Alpha Psi had filled that void. The article states: The fraternity fills a much needed want among the fellows in the way of providing adequate means of recreation and social intercourse. Kappa Alpha Nu Is The Latest Fraternity. – Daily Student, April 5, 1911

Elder Watson Diggs Memorial

The Elder Diggs Memorial, 1469 E. 17th Street, Bloomington, Monroe County

The Articles of Incorporation, State of Indiana, Kappa Alpha Nu, May 15, 1911 state: Be it known that the subscribers hereto, who are colored citizens of the United States and students of Indiana University, do hereby associate themselves together under the laws of the State of Indiana, for the purpose of founding a National, Secret, Greek Letter Fraternity for colored, matriculated men students and teachers of universities and colleges throughout the United States of America, and of incorporating the Grand Chapter thereof, not for pecuniary profit but to stimulate fellow students to the attainment of high, intellectual, moral and social worth.

The five (5) Objectives of Kappa Alpha Psi:

  • To unite college men of culture, patriotism and honor in a bond of Fraternity;
  • To encourage honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor;
  • To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual and moral welfare of its members;
  • To assist the aims and purposes of colleges and universities;
  • To inspire service in the public’s interest.