The creation of the Richardson-Plano (TX) Alumni Chapter began as a vision in the summer of 1992. Several Brothers residing in the Richardson, Plano, Carrollton, Addison, and North Dallas areas came together to begin the process of partitioning for the establishment of a new alumni chapter. The primary goals of the new chapter were to aggressively reclaim brothers living in the Far North Dallas area who for whatever reason were not affiliated with an alumni chapter and to establish a Guide Right program to support the citizens throughout the Metroplex. The Richardson-Plano (TX) Alumni Chapter was chartered on February 12, 1994, becoming the fourth alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. in the Dallas-Ft Worth metropolitan area. The charter was presented at the chartering ceremony held on February 17, 1994, by Brother Emerson Lattimore who was the current Southwestern Province Polemarch.

The 18 charter members of the Richardson-Plano Alumni Chapter were: Wesley Boykin, Ed Bradley, T. A. Brooks Jr., Ron Brown, Willie W. Carr, Kevin Crayton, Kermit Dow, Michael Glover, Michael Jackson, Michael Jasper, Kevin Johnson, Winston Parker, Larry Russell, Joe Simon, Darryl Spencer, Andrew Whigham, Thomas Williamson, and Perry Woodard.

Brother Ed Bradley was elected the chapter’s 1st Polemarch. Brother Bradley was initiated in 1976 into the Texas Southern University (TX), Beta Upsilon chapter. Brother Michael Jackson, initiated in 1989 into the Dallas (TX) Alumni chapter, was elected as the 2nd Polemarch (1994-1996). Brother Andrew Whigham, initiated in 1981 into the Florida A&M (FL), Alpha Xi chapter, was elected the 3rd Polemarch (1996-1998). Brother Steve Ellis, initiated in 1977 into the University of Southwestern Lousiana (LA), Theta Nu chapter (renamed the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1999) was elected the 4th Polemarch (1998-2000). Brother Harry Rogers, initiated in 1976 into the East Texas State University (TX), Eta Phi chapter (later renamed to Texas A&M University-Commerce in 1996), was elected the 5th Polemarch (2000-2002).

Brother Karey Barnett, initiated into the Richardson-Plano (TX) Alumni chapter in 1996 was elected the 6th Polemarch (2002-2004). He is the first initiate of the chapter to become Polemarch. Brother William Whitehead, also initiated into the Richardson-Plano (TX) Alumni chapter, was elected the 7th Polemarch (2004-2005). He is the second initiate of the chapter to become Polemarch. Brother Kenneth Metoyer, initiated in 1977 into the Northwestern State University (LA), Theta Lambda chapter, was elected the chapter’s 8th Polemarch (2005-2007). Brother Fred Knight, initiated in 1991 into the Mercer University (GA), Theta Pi chapter, was elected the 9th Polemarch (2007-2008). Brother Bennie Harrison, initiated in 1984 into the University of Missouri  (MO), Delta Omega chapter and elected the 10th Polemarch (2008-2010).

Brother Kevin Burnett, initiated 1975 into the Kansas State University (KS), Beta Psi chapter, was elected the 11th Polemarch (2010-2012). Brother Perry Woodard, initiated in 1984 into the Southern University (LA), Alpha Sigma chapter was the 12th Polemarch (2012-2013). Brother Jerry Carver, initiated in 1988 into the University of Memphis (TN), Kappa Beta chapter was the 13th Polemarch (2013-15). Brother Patrick Williams, initiated in 1998 into the Dallas (TX) Alumni chapter became the chapters 14th Polemarch (2015-16). Brother Thomas McCaleb, initiated into the Richardson Plano (TX) Alumni chapter in 2014 was the 15th Polemarch (2016-2018).

Brother Michael Whitaker, initiated in 1991 into the University of North Texas (TX), Zeta Upsilon chapter, currently serves as the chapter’s 16th Polemarch.