RPA Kappa League Legacy and Leadership dinner

By December 26, 2023Announcments, News

The Richardson-Plano (TX) Kappa League held its annual Legacy and Leadership dinner on December 21st, 2023.  The dinner is a tradition where the graduating seniors from the program have a chance to sit down with Kappa Leaguers who have already matriculated to college and other career paths.

The exchange of life lessons and advice is invaluable to help promote the success of our members.  Elder Watson Diggs Awardee and National Guide Right Director Kevin Burnett, along with chapter advisors and mentors Brother Thomas McCaleb, Antonio Taylor, Brandon Hutchinson, and Eric Gaines help set the stage for this time honored tradition.  Facilitating questions about “What’s next?,” and “How do I?”.  The young men enjoy a relaxed environment to give and receive valuable information to propel them forward in their futures for achievement.