Our life’s work is guided by the belief that greater attention must be paid to understanding and resolving systemic issues plaguing disenfranchised populations in the United States. As the 17th Polemarch and on behalf of the officers, the board of directors, and the members of the Richardson-Plano (TX) Alumni Chapter (RPA), the Guide Right Chapter appreciates your support.

Brothers and Guests, per our chapter bylaws the fundamental purpose of the Chapter shall be to promote and recognize the achievement of its members and others. My personal commitment to my Brothers and their families is to be the action-oriented advocate for Brotherhood in the chapter in order to foster the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart, and character in order to perpetuate or rekindle lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity. (Increase the Bond!). My personal commitment to the communities in which the Chapter serves is advancing strategic community philanthropy aimed at having a significant and lasting impact on social, health and economic issues in our community. (Increase our Commitment!)

I invite you to continue to watch us through this medium as we encourage and develop Leadership, promote Brotherhood, and serve our local schools and communities in the upcoming year.

Kind regards,

Antonio (Tony) Taylor
17th Polemarch
Richardson-Plano (TX) Alumni Chapter