October Meeting: Homecoming

By October 1, 2018Announcments

FRISCO, Texas (RPA) — The October Homecoming Chapter Meeting accomplished the business of the chapter and also during the meeting, RPA completed some unfinished business.  While welcoming home Brothers who came to Kappa Alpha Psi through RPA home for a visit, RPA presented former Polemarchs their Polemarch Pins.
Brother Michael Jackson, 2nd Polemarch (1994-1996) and Brother Andrew Whigham, 3rd Polemarch (1996-1998) received their long overdue Polemarch pins.

Brother Jackson and Whigham return to the chapter and add to the invaluable experience within RPA, to continue training for leadership.  Below is the current Polemarch pictured along with former RPA Polemarchs present for the October Homecoming Meeting.